programming stuff

I really like programming and the Free Software world is really attractive to people like me. There is a lot of software out there available, but only a small fraction has the source code available to study, and a smaller one (the Free Software), has the code available to study and to improve/modify. That's why I prefer using Free Software license for my programs.

I've used several programming languages. The programming language i've used most is C, but i've also created programs using Prolog (that AI stuff sometimes is interesting), C++, Java (midlets for mobile phones), Visual Basic (ooooops), and some database programming (i do not know why they call it programming). PHP is a really fine language for web applications, which was the motive for me to learn some HTML. (XML is the next in the priority queue). Perl is a strange programming language. I do not know yet if I like it or not, but one of it's drawbacks it's that most of the programs created with this language contain unreadable code.

Although I initialy learned C++ I switched to C a year later. I think the reason was that the majority of the programs in my first Linux distribution, were written in C.

My primary operating system is Debian GNU/Linux, although i've also worked with OpenBSD, FreeBSD, IRIX, SCO, some other UNIX flavours and even Windows NT.

Some of the Free projects I've worked include:

Some quick thoughts, patches: