GwenRename - An external tool for GwenView
15/04/10 - v 1.1-beta7

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What is GwenRename?

GwenRename is a series renaming tool. It was created as an external tool for GwenView, the image viewer for KDE, but can also be used from Konkueror. As that, the files to be renamed are passed to it as command line parameters, and there is no other way to load files into it.

The main goal is to have a batch renaming tool that's easy and light enough for every day use. If you are looking for a more compound and featured renaming tool, you should have a look at Dominik Seichter's KRename.

GwenRename can also be found at KDE Apps.

How does it work?

GwenRename has an easy to use interface (take a look at the screenshots page), whrere the user can adjust the renaming parameters.

Special attension has been given so that there is no chance to overwrite or delete already existing files. All comparissons between existing filenames and filenames to be used for renaming are case in-sensetive, so it can be used even on a vfat filesystem.