GwenRename - An external tool for GwenView
15/04/10 - v 1.1-beta7

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Since version 0.9 both the prefix and suffix fields of the GwenRename main window can be used to insert file's timestamping info to the new filename. A valid timestamping format for theese fields follows the scheme:



   prefix    the field's prefix
   command    file's timestamping code. It must be enclosed in ":"
   suffix    the field's suffix

The command field can be inserted (at the cursor possition) using the timestamping window of GwenRename, by clicking the "clock" button, next to the prefix/suffix field. It provides the ability to choose the date type (creation, last modified, last read) and the actual date format, using predefined formats or user specified.

As of version 0.9.1, file's timestamping supports Exif data. The Exif fields that can be inserted are: the creation date and the last modified date.

When Exif data are requested but not available (no Exif data in the file), the coresponding timestamping info is used. e.g if the Exif creation date is requested but not available, the file's creation date, as reported by the filesystem, is used.