kmhtConvert - An mht to war converter
31/05/2009 - v 0.7.4

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What is kmhtConvert?

kmhtConvert is an mht (Windows Web Archive) file to war (KDE Web Archive) file converter.

I decided to write this utility because for a number of years I have been using Windows (who hasn't) and was used to saving data acquired from the net in mht files. Since I started using Linux, if I wanted to read or use these files, I had to load Windows and extract the file(s). The same thing also happened when friends send me mht files by email.

Since version 0.7 kmhtConvert is able to open and display MHTML and EML (Windows Email Archive) files.

kmhtConvert uses icons from the wonderfull Noia Warm icon set

kmhtConvert can also be found at KDE Apps