RtCW Source Package

makefiles for compiling under Linux and cross-compiling for Win32

Below, you can download the RTCW 1.41 source code configured to compile on Linux. For more info, don't forget to take a look at the README.linux file which is contained in the source package.

New!! You can now cross-compile the Windows RtCW dlls under Linux using a Mingw32 cross-compiler. Take a look at the README.win32 file for instructions on how to do this!


Older source releases.

Note: If you just download only the makefiles, and use them to compile the source extracted from Wolf_source.exe *as is*, I believe that they will not work. I have made some minor changes to the code. They are listed in the README.linux file. So, if you hate downloading again the whole source code, just make these changes yourself (if needeed).