Adracs USB Loader

Using Adracs Remote Controlling S/W on a laptop

What is it all about?


5/11/13: Made contact form directly accessible

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28/9/13: v 0.9 released

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26/8/13: v 0.6 released

22/8/13: First public release (v 0.5)

18/8/13: v 0.4 (internal release)

28/7/13: v 0.3 (internal release)

27/7/13: v 0.2 (internal release)

26/7/13: v 0.1 (internal release)

The purpose of this freeware utility is to assist technicians working with Adracs Remote Controlling S/W use this product on their laptop

Adracs Remote Controlling S/W connects to the remote machine (VOR etc.) using a serial port

Most modern-day laptops come with no serial ports. Technicians should use a USB to SERIAL converter instead

The problem that arises is that the COM number assigned to the USB to SERIAL converter is not constant; it depends on the USB port it is connected to. So the user has no choice but to always connect the converter to one specific USB port, set Adracs Remote Controlling S/W configuration file to use the COM port assigned to the converter, and take a note as to which USB port must be used with Adracs Remote Controlling S/W in the future

The alternative is to use Adracs USB Loader utility

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