Version 1.6-beta8

Version 1.6-beta7

WinGreek fonts have to be configured before using the converter.

Version 1.6-beta6

AncientGreek has been made compatible to LibreOffice v 5.3.1.

Version 1.6-beta5

New font

Site Update

Version 1.6-beta4.2

Version 1.6-beta4.1

Version 1.6-beta4

Beta Code Encoding

Version 1.6-beta3

  1. Correction function works with Extended Characters and archaic heta as well.
  2. Using en-dash ("" - U+2013) instead of figure dash ("" - U+2012) for en-dash.
  3. Using breve ("˘" - U+02D8) instead of metrical breve ("" - U+23D1) for stand-alone breve character. Thanks to Domenico Cufalo for reporting this bug.
  4. Metrical breve ("" - U+23D1) will be produced when diaeresis ("+" by default in Ibycus) is typed after a breve ("˘" - U+02D8).
  5. Using macron ("¯" - U+00AF) instead of en-dash ("" - U+2013) for macron symbol on the Character Insertion dialog.
  6. Adding metrical breve ("" - U+23D1) and en-dash ("" - U+2013) as breve / macron alternatives on the Character Insertion dialog.

Version 1.5.5

Version 1.5.4

Version 1.6-beta2

Version 1.6-beta1

Version 1.5.3

Version 1.5.2

Version 1.5.1

Cumulative Version 1.4 to 1.5 Changelog

Version 1.5

Version 1.5-beta4.1

Version 1.5-beta4

Version 1.5-beta3

Version 1.5-beta2.1

Version 1.5-beta2

In case you have already set Old Standard TT as default font for Ibycus Keyboard Layout, you should change it to AncientGreek.

You can do that form the Main Dialog / Ibycus Keyboard Layout. Click on the dots.png button next to Font Definition.

On the Ibycus Keyboard Layout Font dialog click on the edit-redo.png button. Then follow the instructions to install the font on your system.

Version 1.5-beta1

Version 1.4.1

Cumulative Version 1.3 to 1.4 Changelog

Version 1.4

Version 1.4-rc1

Version 1.4-beta8

Version 1.4-beta7

  • Added a precomposed to composite Unicode characters converter.
  • Added a function to fix Composite characters.
  • Added a conversion dialog for text that's within tags (such as HTML tags).
  • Since I've been getting errors from the Beta Code and SPIonic converters time and again, I've just recoded the whole thing, after developing a check mechanism to help me pin-point errors.
  1. Created wrapper functions for all legacy conversion macros. This means that in case you have created custom shortcuts, menu entries or toolbars in order to perform conversion from and to Beta Code or SPIOnic, you will have to manually update them, following the relevant table. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. Selecting a table will now be successfully converted. Invalid selections are marked as such. I have to thanks the people at for helping out with this one.
  3. Created a lebacy encoding check document: checkLegacyEncoding.odt. This document will be used from now on to check and correct any legacy encoding converter present in AncientGreek.
  • Ibycus Keyboard Layout shortcut text field and dialog labels use native Mac OS key symbols.
  • Fixed local help files presentation for some systems. As a consequence, target URLs will not work anymore.
  • Menu and toolbar rearranged.
  • A no doc (no documentation) OXT file will be provided from now on. This file will load the site page instead of the off-line documentation.
  • Added an About dialog.
  • Major site update.

Version 1.4-beta6

Version 1.4-beta5.1

Version 1.4-beta5

  1. ENTER: will be the same as clicking the "OK" button (or "Insert" button or whatever it's called), provided that it's enabled.
  2. ESCAPE: will be the same as clicking the "Cancel" button (or "Close" button or whatever it's called).
  1. When typing "~" (tilde) in front of a character that 's escapable, will prodeuce the corresponding escaped character. Otherwise the "~" character will be inserted. For example, typing "~" in front of "π" will produce "ϖ".
  2. Added Greek Small Dotted Lunate Sigma Symbol (ͼ - U-037C) and Greek Small Reversed Dotted Lunate Sigma Symbol (ͽ - U-037D) under "Extra Letters" and rearranged coding for "s" and "S" followed by "|".
  3. Changed coding for Greek capital reversed lunate sigma (editorial) symbol and adding Greek reversed lunate sigma (editorial) symbol. Now it's "\j|" for "ͻ" (U-037B) and "\J|" for "Ͻ" (U-03FD).
  4. Added "Search and Replace" dialog.
  5. Added direct link to "Ibycus Keyboard Layout Implementation Image" on the "Help Menu".
  6. Fixed controller dispatched issue (e.g when the "Page Preview") is displayed.
  7. Fixed a typo which would prevent inserting Greek capital letter Chi (Χ).

Version 1.4-beta4

  • Fixed errors occurring when manually integrating Macros into Toolbars. Thanks to Gianluca Canè for reporting this error.
  • Several changes for the Beta Code and SPIonic converters in order to handle alternative characters.
  • Added "Alternative Characters Conversion" dialog.
  • Added more Alternative Characters to the Dictionary
  • Ibycus Keyboard Layout Configuration Dialog
  1. Dialog redesigned.
  2. Added acceptable configuration strings list.
  3. Fixed the "Shift" issue.
  4. Removed "LESS", "GREATER" and "TILDE" from acceptable configuration strings.
  5. Fixed "QUOTELEFT" alternative so that it's "`" instead of "'" ("SINGLEQUOTE").
  6. "QUOTELEFT" cannot be combined with "Shift".
  • Ibycus Keyboard Layout
  1. New extra letter (k++) for greek letter koppa (Ϟ - U-03DE) added.
  2. New character ("r|") for greek rho with stroke symbol (ϼ - U+03FC) added.
  3. New character ("\j|") for greek capital reversed lunate sigma (editorial) symbol (Ͻ - U+03FD) added.
  4. New character ("s||") for greek capital dotted lunate sigma (editorial) symbol (Ͼ - U+03FE) added.
  5. New character ("S||") for greek capital reversed dotted lunate (editorial) sigma symbol (Ͽ - U+03FF) added.
  6. New escaped character ("\K") for greek capital kappa symbol (Ϗ - U-03CF) added. (This is actually greek capital kai symbol used as greek capital kappa symbol in AncientGreek).
  7. New escaped character ("\z") for greek letter sho (Ϸ - U-03F7) added.
  8. New escaped character ("\Z") for greek capital letter sho (ϸ - U-03F8) added.
  9. Actions Undo and Redo properly re-factored for easy corrections.

Version 1.4-beta3

  • Added Italian translation by Gianluca Canè.
  • Fixed Mac OS detection code and Ibycus Keyboard Layout shortcut assignment. Thanks to Gianluca Canè.
  • Localization (l18n) files are now in GNU gettext format.
  • Included Off-line Help in the OXT file.
  • Document updating is inhibited during text conversion. This greatly reduces conversion time.
  • Greek Extended code-points will be correctly converted to Beta Code or SPIonic, but they will be lost when converting back to Unicode (Greek Basic code-points will be used).
  • Secondary Toolbar icons removed. From now on only frequently used function will be present in the Secondary Toolbar. All available functions will be accessible through the Main Window or the Menu.
  • AncientGreek Menu redesigned (submenus introduced).
  • Alternative characters will be correctly converted to Beta Code or SPIonic, but they will be lost when converting back to Unicode (original characters will be used).
  • Dictionary
  1. Several missing words added.
  2. Added Greek Extended code-points support. Words containing Greek Extended characters will be considered valid, but dictionary suggestions will only contain Greek Basic characters.
  3. Added support for alternative characters:
      • curled beta/ greek beta symbol (ϐ - U+03D0) for greek small letter beta (β)
      • greek lunate epsilon symbol (ϵ - U-03F5) for greek small letter epsilon (ε)
      • greek capital theta symbol (ϴ - U+03F4) for greek capital letter theta (Θ)
      • greek theta symbol (ϑ - U+03D1) for greek small letter theta (θ)
      • greek kappa symbol (ϰ - U+03F0) for greek small letter kapa (κ)
      • greek pi symbol (ϖ - U+03D6) for greek small letter pi (π)
      • greek rho symbol (ϱ - U+03F1) for greek small letter rho (ρ)
      • greek upsilon with hook symbol (ϒ - U+03D) for greek capital letter upsilon (Υ)
      • greek upsilon with acute and hook symbol (ϓ - U+03D3) for greek capital letter upsilon with acute (Ύ)
      • greek upsilon with diaeresis and hook symbol (ϔ - U+03D4) for for greek capital letter upsilon with diaeresis (Ϋ)
      • greek phi symbol (ϕ - U+03D5) for greek small letter phi (φ)
      • greek small letter stigma (ϛ - U+03DB) for "στ"

    Words containing these alternative characters will be considered valid, but dictionary suggestions will only contain the original characters.
  • Beta Code
  1. Several new characters added (Stand-alone Diacritics, Brackets).
  • Ibycus Keyboard Layout
  1. "j" will produce final sigma (ς)
  2. "\j" will produce Greek letter yot (ϳ). Combinations "\ss" and "\jj" will no longer do that.
  3. "s|" will preserve medial sigma ("σ") befeore a panctuation mark.
  4. Extra modified characters added:
      • s++ for archaic greek letter Sampi (ͳ)
      • s++ for archaic greek capital letter Sampi (Ͳ)
      • v++ for archaic greek letter Pamphylian Digamma (ͷ)
      • V++ for archaic greek capital letter Pamphylian Digamma (Ͷ)
  5. New escaped characters added:
      • \( for left Parenthesis (after a vowel)
      • \) for right Parenthesis (after a vowel)
      • \` and \' for single quote - apostrophe (after a vowel)
      • \! for Exclamation mark
      • \b for symbol beta (curled beta) (ϐ)
      • \e for greek lunate epsilon symbol (ϵ)
      • \ee for greek reversed lunate epsilon symbol (϶)
      • \h for archaic greek letter heta (ͱ)
      • \H for archaic greek capital letter heta (Ͱ)
      • \m for greek small letter san (ϻ)
      • \M for greek capital letter san (Ϻ)
      • \q for greek theta symbol (ϑ)
      • \Q for greek capital theta symbol (ϴ)
      • \k for symbol kappa (ϰ)
      • \p for symbol pi (ϖ)
      • \r for symbol rho (ϱ)
      • \s for final sigma (ς)
      • \j for greek letter yot (ϳ)
      • \J for greek capital letter yot (Ϳ)
      • \U for greek upsilon with hook symbol (ϒ)
      • \UU for greek upsilon with acute and hook symbol (ϓ)
      • \UUU for greek upsilon with diaeresis and hook symbol (ϔ)
      • \f for greek phi symbol (ϕ)
      • \X for Chi-Ro ()
      • \+ for plus sign (+)

Version 1.4-beta2.2

This is yet another bug-fix release.

Version 1.4-beta2.1

This is a bug-fix release.

Version 1.4-beta2

Known issues

  1. No visual indication of the Layout's state.
  2. Canceling a "Document Close" command resets (disables) the Layout.

Version 1.4-beta1

Known Issues

Cumulative Version 1.2 to 1.3 Changelog

Version 1.3

Version 1.3-rc1

Version 1.3-beta8

Version 1.3-beta7

Version 1.3-beta5

Version 1.2

Version 1.1

Version 1.0

Version 0.1


  1. Improve both the dictionary and the hyphenation patterns.
  2. Learn more about Hunspell aff/dic files format (dictionary files) and dic hyphenation patterns file format

    Hunspell is the spell checker of LibreOffice,, Mozilla Firefox 3 & Thunderbird, Google Chrome, and it is also used by proprietary software packages, like Mac OS, InDesign, memoQ, Opera and SDL Trados.

    I am a complete newbee when it comes to Hunspell and its manual seems to be written for more advanced users. I have managed to add a couple ow words to the dictionary and add a couple of hyphenation patterns, but it was more of a trial and error thing...

    Terms like "compounding and complex morphology", "suggestion using n-gram similarity, rule and dictionary based pronunciation data", "morphological analysis, stemming and generation", mean nothing to me, so if you own any documentation or you can point me to some resources, I would be gratefull.
  3. Add more "Legacy Encoding" converters (SGreek, GreekKeys etc.)
  4. Make F1 display off-line help instead of OOO/LOO help.
  5. Make AncientGreek capable of detecting existing legacy encoded text sections and propose appropriate conversion.


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