SuperGreek Encoding

As far as I understand, SuperGreek was an Ancient Greek Keyboard Layout for old Mac OS. The layout also came with a font, for rendering purposes. Text written in SuperGreek is called SuperGreek Encoded.

AncientGreek implementation of SuperGreek Encoding is based on the SuperGreek font (v. 4.0, 17-01-1996)

SuperGreek font ^

Here is the font his implementation is based on, which you have to download in case

SuperGreek ZIP file

AncientGreek SuperGreek conversion Macros ^

I suggest saving your work before running either of these macros on a document (no text selection), so that reverting (Menu File / Reload) to it is possible, as Undoing may not be of much help, since a letter by letter substitution will take place resulting in way too many undo steps.

If any of these macros are executed without selecting any text, a warning message similar to the one shown in the following picture will appear.

Warning message on Windows 8.1

• SuperGreekToUnicode Macro

This macro converts text written in SuperGreek to Unicode (normal text that can be edited in LibreOffice / OpenOffice).

• UnicodeToSuperGreek Macro

This macro converts text written in Unicode (normal text edited in LibreOffice / OpenOffice) to SuperGreek.

Using fullwidth characters ^

If the document (or selection) contains ASCII characters (English text), they will automatically be converted to the "fullwidth / halfwidth" characters, when text conversion from Unicode to SuperGreek is performed.

SuperGreek implementation ^

AncientGreek fully implements the encoding as shown in the following table.

Greek Letter ASCII character (Lowercase) ASCII character (Uppercase) Greek
ASCII character (Lowercase) ASCII character (Uppercase)
Alpha a A Nu n N
Beta b B Xi x X
Gamma g G Omicron o O
Delta d D Pi p P
Epsilon e E Rho r R
Zeta z Z Sigma s S
Eta h H Tau t T
Theta q Q Upsilon u U
Iota i I Phi f F
Kappa k K Chi c C
Lambda l L Psi y Y
Mu m M Omega w W
Final Sigma "   Stigma ı
Koppa U+F000 Sampi Ù
Digamma Û U+03DC
Stand-alone Diacritics
Symbol ASCII Character Symbol ASCII Character Symbol ASCII Character
Smooth breathing j or ∆ Rough breathing J or Ô Iota subscript /
Acute v Grave ; Circumflex '
Smooth breathing with Acute [ or ’ Smooth breathing with Grave ] or ‘ Smooth breathing with Circumflex \ or «
Rough breathing with Acute { or ” Rough breathing with Grave } or “ Rough breathing with Circumflex | or »
Dialitika with Acute ? Dialitika with Grave ÷ Dialitika with Circumflex ¿
Dialitika > or ü
Other Symbols
Symbol ASCII Character Symbol ASCII Character Symbol ASCII Character
Greek ano teleia : Letter Alef Å Dagger Ê
Black-Letter Capital H Ó Script Capital P/td> Downwards Ancora ù
Combining Dot Bellow Vertical Ellipsis (row of 3 dots) Ä Right Tack ñ
Left Transposition Marker Right Transposition Marker Dotted Transposition Marker
Mathematical Fraktur Capital M ˜ Mathematical Left White Square Bracket Mathematical Right White Square Bracket
Reference Mark ì White Square White Circle ¡
Right Dotted Substitution Bracket & Left Dotted Substitution Bracket ^ Right Angle Dotted Substitution Bracket
Right Angle Substitution Bracket ¢ Raised Interpolation Marker £ Left Raised Omission Bracket ¤
Raised Dotted Interpolation Marker Cross Ê Prosgegrammeni /
Breve ÿ Combining macron Combining overline


If a table is truncated, then you can see all its content by scrolling it to the right and back.