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What is it all about?
What AncientGreek is (and what it is NOT)
Resources used
Frequently asked questions
Spell checker
Some statistics on the Spell checker
Inserting unicode characters with the keyboard
Video tutorial
Table of Content
Files and Links
AncientGreek Configuration
General Settings
Import / Export Configuration
Legacy Encodings Settings
Ibycus Keyboard Layout Settings
AncientGreek font
About the font
AncientGreek Macros
Macros Categories
Style Management Macros
How LibreOffice / OpenOffice styles work
Hidden / unnamed styles
Paragraph Styles Management macros
• ManageStyles Macro
1. The available Styles List
2. The Properties Section
3. The Style Creation Section
Other Options
Setting font size in LibreOffice / OpenOffice
Font size representation on the dialog
Setting font size on the dialog
Setting font size on multiple styles
Styles Conversion
Removing manual formatting
The Styles Conversion dialog
The search section
The replace section
Text / style modification section
Paragraph style conversion example
Character style conversion example
Alternative characters
1. Greek Extended Characters
2. Alternative letter forms
Alternative Characters Conversion Implementation
Changing scope
Precomposed vs. Composite characters
AncientGreek Composite Characters Support
• ConvertFromComposite Macro
• ConvertToComposite Macro
• RunFixComposite Macro
Ancient Greek text detection
Style Options
Apply on Selection
Editing Character Styles
Nomina Sacra Expressions
Nomina Sacra implementation
Nomina Sacra Macros
• Insert Nomina Sacra dialog
• Nomina Sacra Overlined Macro
• Nomina Sacra with Overline character Macro
Misc macros
• SetAncientGreekLanguage Macro
• UnicodeToHex Macro
• IntToUnicode Macro
Ibycus Keyboard Layout
Using the Layout
The "I" icon
Special key combinations
Ibycus for Antioch users
Using styles and fonts
How it works
Escaping characters
Single quote - apostrophe and parenthesis
Preserving medial sigma
Typing breve, macron and overline
Combining breve and macron
Correction function
Undo and Redo Actions
Layout Activation
Known Issues
Styles synchronization
Layout Implementation
Layout Image
Character Insertion dialog
About PUAs (Private User Areas)
AncientGreek Ibycus Keyboard Layout Configuration
1. Ibycus Keyboard Layout keyboard shortcut
2. Customizing Ibycus Keyboard Layout Keys
3. Defining the font to use
Font Installation
Updating the Font
4. Disabling the use of fonts and styles
5. Using Modern Greek Keyboard Variant
6. Using Antioch Style Keys
7. Globally toggling the Layout on and off
8. Deactivating the Layout when toggled off
Modern Greek Ibycus Keyboard Layout Variant
Letters differences
Pre-positive Accentuation
Layout Implementation
Layout Image
Automating Ibycus Keyboard Layout Activation
Automation procedure
Ibycus Keyboard Layout Search and Replace
Input options
Search options
Using "Match Case"
Mock-up Search images
Fixing the Ibycus Keyboard Layout icon detection issue
Beta Code Encoding
AncientGreek Beta Code conversion Macros
• BetaCodeToUnicode Macro
• UnicodeToBetaCode Macro
Beta Code options
Using fullwidth characters
Beta Code implementation
Uppercase Letters
AncientGreekBetaCode font
About the font
SPIonic Encoding
Download SPIonic font
AncientGreek SPIonic conversion Macros
• SPIonicToUnicode Macro
• UnicodeToSPIonic Macro
Using fullwidth characters
SPIonic implementation
The issue with Macron
Extended SPIonic implementation
Sgreek Encoding
Download Sgreek font
AncientGreek Sgreek conversion Macros
• SgreekToUnicode Macro
• UnicodeToSgreek Macro
Using fullwidth characters
Sgreek implementation
LaserGreek Encoding
LaserGreek fonts
AncientGreek LaserGreek conversion Macros
• LaserGreekToUnicode Macro
• UnicodeToLaserGreek Macro
Using fullwidth characters
LaserGreek implementation
GreekKeys Encoding
GreekKeys fonts
AncientGreek GreekKeys conversion Macros
• GreekKeysToUnicode Macro
• UnicodeToGreekKeys Macro
Using fullwidth characters
GreekKeys implementation
Ismini Encoding
Download Ismini font
AncientGreek Ismini conversion Macros
• IsminiToUnicode Macro
• UnicodeToIsmini Macro
Using fullwidth characters
Ismini implementation
WinGreek Encoding
AncientGreek WinGreek conversion Macros
WinGreek font detection
WinGreek Macros
• WinGreekToUnicode Macro
• UnicodeToWinGreek Macro
Duplicate characters
Using fullwidth characters
WinGreek implementation
Son of WinGreek Encoding
Download Son of WinGreek font
AncientGreek Son of WinGreek conversion Macros
• SonofWinGreekToUnicode Macro
• UnicodeToSonofWinGreek Macro
Duplicate characters
Using fullwidth characters
Working with selections
Son of WinGreek implementation
SuperGreek Encoding
SuperGreek font
AncientGreek SuperGreek conversion Macros
• SuperGreekToUnicode Macro
• UnicodeToSuperGreek Macro
Using fullwidth characters
SuperGreek implementation
Working with Selections
Fullwidth - Halfwidth Characters
Why use them in AncientGreek?
What fonts to use
How it works
Fullwidth - Halfwidth Characters conversion dialog
Tags Conversion
Working with HTML code
The quotation mark issue
AncientGreek Tags Conversion Implementation
What is a tag?
AncientGreek Tags
The Tags Conversion dialog
Handling open inline tags
Inserting tags
Macros GUI integration
AncientGreek Menu
AncientGreek on the context menu
AncientGreek Secondary Toolbar
Showing / hiding the toolbar
First Run
• On Windows
• On Linux
Uninstalling AncientGreek
Direct access to the Macros
Assigning macros shortcuts
Inserting macros into the toolbar
Assigning menu entries for the Macros
Releases History
A word about releases
About beta releases
About release candidates
Installation instructions
Miscellaneous documents
Licensing info
A call to translators
On-line Localization of AncientGreek GUI
Off-line Localization of AncientGreek GUI
1. Find out your native Language Code
2. Download a PO or POT file
3. Editing the PO file
PO editing programs
Create a PO file from a POT file
Setting translator's data
PO editing window
Using the Translation Memory (TM)
4. Emailing the PO file back to me
Localizing AncientGreek documentation
On-line documentation localization
Off-line documentation localization
Checking the result
ZIP update time
PO-POT file format
PO-POT file stracture
PO Header
PO Message Entries
Multi-line Message Entries
Fuzzy Entries




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