Sgreek Encoding

Sgreek is part of the "SilverFonts" shareware font package by Silver Mountain Software created, as far as I understand, for displaying Ancient Greek text. Text written in Sgreek is called Sgreek Encoded.

Simply put, the font is designed in a way to display Greek letters when Latin letters and punctuation marks are typed (much like the freeware SPIonic font). The difference from SPIonic is that it has way much more duplicate characters (these alternative forms of characters are rendered using different horizontal and/or vertical positioning regarding the base of characters), uses ASCII control characters to encode letters and it can use numbers 1-0, which SPIonic cannot.

Download Sgreek font ^

You will have to download the Sgreek font in case

Sgreek font

Although the font is freely redistributable software, please keep in mind that it is shareware.

Quoting from the original download page (Silver Mountain Software - SilverFonts):
"Both basic Greek and Hebrew (Sgreek and Shebrew) fonts and our newer SGkClassic and RHebrew fonts are available as shareware! This means you can download the fonts for FREE and try them out. If you find them useful you can come back and register them".

AncientGreek Sgreek conversion Macros ^

I suggest saving your work before running either of these macros on a document (no text selection), so that reverting (Menu File / Reload) to it is possible, as Undoing may not be of much help, since a letter by letter substitution will take place resulting in way too many undo steps.

If any of these macros are executed without selecting any text, a warning message similar to the one shown in the following picture will appear.

Warning message on Windows 8.1

• SgreekToUnicode Macro

This macro converts text written in Sgreek to Unicode (normal text that can be edited in LibreOffice / OpenOffice).

• UnicodeToSgreek Macro

This macro converts text written in Unicode (normal text edited in LibreOffice / OpenOffice) to Sgreek.

Several characters will be converted to fullwidth/halfwidth characters before starting the actual conversion to Sgreek. These characters include "(", ")", "#", "%", "«", "»" etc. which are used by Sgreek to represent Ancient Greek letters. These characters will be converted to their original value when converting back to Unicode.

The following table shows the characters substitution that takes place when converting Unicode text to Sgreek. All substitute characters are fullwidth/halhwidth characters, unless otherwise noted.

Original character Substitute character Original character Substitute character
! (U+0021) (U+FF01) ? (U+003F) (U+FF1F)
# ( U+0023) (U+FF03) \ (U+005C) (U+FF3C)
$ (U+0024) (U+FF04) | (U+007C) (U+FF5C)
% ( U+0025) (U+FF05) ~ ( U+007E) (U+FF5E)
( (U+0028) ( U+FF08) @ (U+0040) (U+FF20)
) (U+0029) (U+FF09) £ (U+00A3) (U+FFE1)
+ (U+002B) (U+FF0B) ¦ (U+00A6) (U+FFE4)
/ ( U+002F) ( U+FF0F) ^ (U+005E) (U+FF3E)
: (U+003A) (U+FF1A) « ( U+00AB) (U+300A) *
= (U+003D) (U+FF1D) » ( U+00BB) (U+300B) *
± ( U+00B1) +/- (U+FF0B U+FF0F U+FF0D)

* Non fullwidth/halhwidth character.

Sgreek also uses the first six characters of the first Unicode Private Use Area (Basic Multilingual Plane) to represent Ancient Greek letters. AncientGreek will convert these characters to "Sgreek coded content", but will not use them when converting "Sgreek coded content" back to Unicode.

Most of the accents and diacritics in Sgreek correspond to composite Unicode characters. For example, the Slash character (/ U+002F) corresponds to Combining Acute Accent (  ́ U+0301). AncientGreek will convert these characters to their precomposed equivalents. So, the Slash character (/ U+002F) will be converted to Greek Tonos (΄ U+0384), when converting "Sgreek coded content" to Unicode. This way, text produced by the converter will contain precomposed characters only (when applicable).

Using fullwidth characters ^

If the document (or selection) contains ASCII characters (English text), they will automatically be converted to the "fullwidth / halfwidth" characters, when text conversion from Unicode to sgreek is performed.

Sgreek implementation ^

AncientGreek fully implements the encoding as shown in the following table.

Note: In case multiple ASCII Characters can be used to represent an Ancient Greek character, the symbol displayed in bold magenta will be used when converting from Unicode to Sgreek.

Note: ASCII control characters are displayed using the terms defined at The Unicode Consortium Specification v. 7, followed by their Unicode code. More specifically, they are displayed:

Greek Letter ASCII character (Lowercase) ASCII character (Uppercase) Greek Letter ASCII character (Lowercase) ASCII character (Uppercase)
Alpha a A Nu n N
Beta b B Xi c C
Gamma g G Omicron o O
Delta d D Pi p P
Epsilon e E Rho r R
Zeta z Z Sigma s S
Eta h H Tau t T
Theta q Q Upsilon u U
Iota i I Phi f F
Kappa k K Chi x X
Lambda l L Psi y Y
Mu m M Omega w W
Final Sigma j   Symbol Theta     J  
Small letter stigma ± ² Small letter koppa ´ ³
Capital letter sampi µ Small lunate sigma º
Combined Letters
Symbol ASCII Character Symbol ASCII Character Symbol ASCII Character
Small letter alpha with iota subscript () # Small letter eta with iota subscript () $ v Small letter omega with iota subscript () %
Symbol ASCII Character Symbol ASCII Character Symbol ASCII Character
Smooth breathing ) ¦ © ¹ Rough breathing ( ¥ ¨ ¸ Circumflex = ¤ ½
Acute / ¢ ¯ ¿ Grave \ £ Ü ì Iota
Breve V @ Macron ¬ Modifier Letter Macron × Ö Ø
Diairesis + U+00A0 Ano teleia ! : Combining Dot Below ?
Apostroph ¡ SS3
Greek Numerical Sign § Exclamation IND
Greek Oxia (Non Combining) ° ` Combining Cedilla «
Other Symbols
Symbol ASCII Character Symbol ASCII Character Symbol ASCII Character
Ampersant & ESA
Number Sign ST
Percent Sign CSI
Left parenthesis APC
Right parenthesis PM
Asterisk * BPH
Hyphen-Minus - OSC
Plus sign PLU
Solidus NBH
Colon  SGCI
Equals Sign SSA
Question Mark HOP
Broken Bar RI
Section Sign PLD
Middle Dot SCI
Dagger PAD
Double Dagger VTS
Integral MW
Vertical Line NEL
Double Vertical Line SS2
Wreath Product SPA
Box Drawings Light Down And Right PU1
Box Drawings Light Down And Horizontal DCS
Box Drawings Light Diagonal Upper Left To Lower Right SOS
White Square EPA
White Circle PU2
Upper Left Quadrant Circular Arc STS
Upper Right Quadrant Circular Arc CCH
Left White Square Bracket HTS
Right White Square Bracket HTJ
Tilde ª Low Line _ Ù Ú Û Combining Short Vertical Line Overlay È
Hebrew Point Sheva ­U+00AD En Dash ® Bullet ·
Cent Sign Ç Pound Sign Æ

Diacritics ^



If a table is truncated, then you can see all its content by scrolling it to the right and back.